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Rocky Mountain Forest Products stocks two types of redwood, Construction Common Redwood decking (aka. Con Common) and Construction Heart Redwood Decking (aka Con Heart), but we can order any other grades that you want. Each grade has its own appeal and unique colors. Construction Common Redwood decking is the most commonly used grade on the market. This is the traditional 2 tone (sap wood and heart wood) deck board that is seen and most widely used. Rocky Mountain Forest Products stocks this typically in a 2×6 Redwood board with eased edges. The Construction Heart Redwood decking is our premium grade that offers the heart of the redwood tree to give you a sap wood free product and reddish brown tone that will make any deck look amazing. This grade (without the sap wood) has natural resins and tannins in the genetic makeup of the tree that protects it from rot and decay very similarly to that of cedar. Lastly, if you are searching for many of the clear Redwoods on the market, the decking specialist can source those for you as well (i.e. B grade Redwood). In recent years many of these grades have been hard to come by, so supply can sometimes be limited, but the pros over here at RMFP can not only guide you to what is available but also help you select the redwood decking that is right for your project.