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Wichita is the largest city in Kansas state with almost 400,000 residents. It’s home to some of the most extensive aircraft production in the world, earning it the colloquial name of “The Air Capital of the World.” What began as a trading post along the Arkansas River, the city of Wichita was founded in 1870 and quickly became a hotspot for travelers bringing their cattle up to Kansas railroads. There is no shortage of city, suburbia, and rural life that Wichita has to offer. With so much variety in landscape and residence, the possibilities are endless when it comes to design and functionality needed in this city.

Wichita is located in the Great Plains region and experiences typically cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers. In the warmer months, Wichita endures lightning, hailstorms, and occasional tornadoes. Because of this, the city needs building materials that are reliable and durable enough to last. Given the variation in landscape and diversity of residents, fencing styles have a wide range in this region and it’s important to understand the basics before deciding on the best kind that works for you. Whether you live in Wichita, are a prospective buyer, or just looking to learn more, we’d like to give you the framework to get going on all of your fencing needs.


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Different Styles of Wood Fencing and Fence Pickets

Cedar Privacy Fencing

This style of fencing is extremely popular and is used among homeowners, contractors, communities, recreation spaces, and much more. It is utilized mainly for added security and privacy, but to also add a design appeal that catches the eyes of walkers and visitors to the area.

Split Rail Fencing

This style of fencing is more popular in national parks and open spaces like trails and public parks because it’s easy to install and is affordable.

Post and Dowel Fencing

Post and dowel fencing is ideal for people looking to cover a large amount of land or have horses that need to be kept secure and safe. Post and dowel fencing is a taller style of fence and it is durable enough that you can tie a horse to one of the posts and it would stay put. 

Ranch Rail Fencing

Ranch rail fencing, along with post and dowel fencing, is perfect for larger spaces and if you are looking for a sturdier fence to keep larger animals in or out depending on the situation.

Of course, each style of fencing has different purposes and some of them may depend on the area you live in or your specific requirements. The examples above are just the most commonly seen ways that these styles of fencing are used.

What Fence Style is Best for Me in Wichita? | What are Some Common Uses?

If you or someone you know resides in Wichita, you’re probably aware of the importance of quality building materials in a place with such huge variation in climate patterns. We want to dive deeper and give you the rundown for all you need to know about purchasing a fence for a location like Wichita, Kansas.

Ranch rail fencing is one of the best options if durability and wear and tear are your main concerns. Its installation process is secure and effective in holding up against harsh, fluctuating weather. In Kansas especially, ranch rail fencing can be a great option for those who are ranchers or need to ensure their livestock or crops won’t be ruined. In this instance, it’s vital that the fence guards the livelihood of a property and keeps it safe regardless of the weather.

In addition, ranch rail fencing is perfect for customizing to accommodate different conditions and aesthetic tastes. At Cedar Fence Direct, we offer a variety of hardware to choose from to make your fencing dreams come to life. Tailoring your fencing essentials to the necessities of the environment and design is one of the most important improvements you can make when buying a fence. Even if you don’t have the need for ensuring your fence can withstand something like a hailstorm, the versatility of ranch rail fencing allows you to modify it to your own preference and specific desires.

Similarly to ranch rail fencing, split rail fencing is multifaceted and can stand the test of time. This is extremely favorable in places like Wichita because of the variety of landscape and kinds of places residents like to live. Split rail fencing is frequently in high demand from ranchers and homeowners due to its effortless installation and great prices. Often, this kind of fencing will have holes already made in the posts for you to reduce the hassle, not to mention the large portion of the money you’re saving by not hiring someone else to install it for you.

If durability is one of your main worries, split rail fencing can be secured into the ground and post holes to increase its longevity. This extra step is an added precautionary measure that we’d recommend if fence resilience is something that you must have. In all, split rail fencing provides versatility and flair to any area or kind of residence.

Ideal for large, open spaces, post and dowel fencing is a fantastic kind of fence to set boundaries or create property perimeters. Like split rail fencing, post and dowel fencing is easy to install and affordable considering how versatile it is.

Post and dowel fencing is great for securing land, animals, and whatever else you need it to. It is tough enough to combat weather and visually appealing for any design. Wichita has many parks and open recreational land to explore, and post and dowel fencing is often what is used to enclose it due to the affordability, quick installation, and longevity in harsh environments.

For those living in and around the city areas of Wichita, privacy and safety are important benefits that fences can provide. Privacy fencing can be especially advantageous to people living in such close proximity to other people or buildings. Privacy fencing provides city residents with the peace and seclusion they’ve been craving.

Privacy fencing is great for environments where weather is uncertain or particularly harsh. This kind of fencing is resistant to weather and can tackle anything from snow, hail, to extreme winds. When it comes to fencing, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You never know what kind of crazy weather Kansas will hit your home or business with, and privacy fencing gives you peace of mind knowing it’ll withstand it all.

Wichita has a lot of tightly packed buildings and homes, and privacy fencing gives you the isolation and durability you deserve.

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Common Fencing in Wichita

As mentioned, Wichita is a city with an expansive range of location variety and unpredictable weather patterns. Before choosing from our large selection of cedar fences, one of the main considerations that must be made is where this fence will be. Different settings and residences call for different kinds of fencing, and we hope to ease any confusion and dive into the specifics of the kinds of fencing needed in different areas within Wichita.

For folks living in the city, you’ll probably run into a good amount of privacy fencing. Privacy and security are two major advantages when living in a crowded area. At Cedar Fence Direct, we have an extensive assortment of height and style choices for you to handpick from. Even in a city it’s important to buy materials that can withstand the elements and last decades, and cedar fencing will do just that and more. If you live in a city and privacy is at the top of your priority list, Cedar Fence Direct fencing can help relieve some of that pressure so you can focus on the better things in life.

If you reside in the suburbs of Wichita, fencing is a great way to add curb appeal and protection to your home. If you’re a suburban homeowner, it’s important to add fencing to your property to secure yourself and those you love from the sometimes crazy outside world. When it comes to fencing in suburbia, you can’t go wrong. Take a glance at our wide array of long-lasting, secure options. Our prices are cheaper then the big box stores and we offer delivery options tailored to your own lifestyle. We know how stressful dealing with large house projects like fencing can be, so we strive to make the process as seamless and trouble-free as possible.

Rural areas of Wichita require fencing that fits a country lifestyle and livelihood. For many, farming is a way of life and income. Their property needs the highest level of protection that fencing can give, and Cedar Fence Direct aims to provide just that. We understand the responsibility that comes with a fence, and we can ensure that all of your needs and concerns will be taken care of. Fencing is crucial for protecting plants, animals, land, or whatever else needs security. Our cedar fences are durable enough to last and won’t break the bank, even for considerably sizable land. For more information, take a look at our fencing styles and designs. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns, one of our specialists will help you out in no time.

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Average Cost of Wood
Fencing in Wichita, Kansas

Fencing may seem like a daunting project, largely because of the costs that come with it. In reality though, fencing is only as expensive as you want it to be. The following are 3 important details that alter price to keep in mind when purchasing your fence:

  1. Who your materials supplier is.
  2. The quantity of fencing material you’ll need
  3. The kind of wood you are looking to purchase

The supplier of the fencing materials will be a huge deciding factor in how much you end up spending. In certain cases, suppliers will have to charge you extra for their products based on how much was originally spent on their end. In cities like Wichita, you have the choice of going to an independent contractor, wholesale, or a big box store to get your necessary equipment and materials. If you end up deciding to go to a box store, you’ll have to pay extra because of the middleman that shipped it there.

At Cedar Fence Direct, we are a wholesale company that removes the need of an extra step in the production cycle, making our products better quality at more affordably priced than other stores. We also offer discounts for those looking to buy in bulk. Deciding to go with a wholesale company will guarantee you’ll complete your project within your budget and receive quality materials that you can count on. 

As our company name discloses, here at Cedar Fence Direct, we sell fences made from cedar wood. Cedar is one of the best kinds of wood you can possibly use to build a fence. To learn more about why cedar is the best on the market, click here (CTA that brings user to “Cedar Fencing Benefits” area of the webpage)

According to a website called “ProMatcher”, the average cost of fence installation in Wichita, Kansas, per linear foot is around $12.60 – $15.30 depending on your specific location and supplier.

For self-starters who want to take on the fence installation on their own, it can save you massive costs in the long run of your project. Give us a call if you need any assistance or tips to get your fence up and running, our trained specialist would be happy to help. Additionally, check out our blog page where you’ll find a substantial assortment of information and resources to take advantage of.

Our Top Priorities

Wichita is a vibrant city full of a variety of landscapes and opportunities for implementing great fencing designs and strategies. Before making your final decision on which fence to go with, make sure you also consider the environmental conditions that your fence will face. At Cedar Fence Direct, we give you the option of customizing your fence with specific hardware that’ll fit the needs of your climate and design preferences. You can also secure pickets, posts, or rails in different fashions depending on the style you’re aiming to achieve.

You really never know what kind of weather you’re going to get in cities like Wichita, Kansas. In order to be prepared for the worst in case of emergency, cedar fencing has you covered. It’s the best species of wood for building anything from a fence, decks, siding, to even furniture because of its unparalleled robustness and flexibility. Here are just some of the many benefits that cedar wood provides:


In the humidity, it is common for woods to shrink and to expand depending on the cause and level of the humidity. If the air is humid from moisture like rain, certain woods will expand because they are absorbing the moisture in the air. If the humidity is dry and hot, the wood can shrink from being dehydrated. With cedar, these things still can occur, but they will be minimal. Cedar adapts to the humidity and will adjust itself depending on the moisture or dryness in the air.


Cedar is a wood species that is less soluble and doesn’t absorb all the moisture it is exposed to. Of course, it will naturally absorb a certain level, but it is resistant to moisture at a certain point and will not let any soak in. Another great way to add extra protection to your cedar is to seal the surface. Most of the time, this will ensure no moisture absorption.


The effects on cedar from heat falls with the humidity component from above. The outcomes are the same in the sense that it depends on whether or not it is a moist heat or a dry heat. As long as your cedar has had time to adapt and is sealed, you won’t have to worry about your cedar changing shape in the heat whether it’s a wet or dry heat.


In the cold, some wood species will shrink from the frigid temps and harsh drops in warmth. Cedar of course will have a shrinkage rate, but it is nowhere near what other wood species would shrink at. Ideally, once your cedar has adapted to the cold, it will resume its original size and not cause any damage.


The power of wind can be substantial and cause damage especially if it is from a tornado for example and has brunt force. Cedar is a very sturdy and durable wood, that when secured properly, can withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour. The common use for cedar fencing is in the style of privacy fencing, which is secured typically with concrete and nails or screws which just adds to the durability of the fence.

If weather and unpredictable conditions are concerns for you when buying a fence, you’ll need your materials to be able to stand up to the harsh environment and withstand whatever is thrown at them. That’s why we recommend cedar for all types of fencing. It’s durable, resistant to weather, and the best quality product on the market today. There are so many unique and secure ways to design your fence to customize it to what you need it to look like and do. One of the best features of cedar fencing is its adaptability to the changing environment, and in a place like Wichita, this feature is an absolute must.

If you want to learn more about fencing in Wichita, Kansas, we invite you to check out our blog page where you’ll find an extensive amount of cedar related topics and resources. It’s a great starting place for those looking to gain insight on maintenance tips, design ideas, and other interesting topics surrounding cedar wood and fencing. If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll get you in touch with a specialist who’d love to help you out.

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If you or someone you know lives in Wichita, we have great news, we ship nationwide!

Finding a supplier you can trust with the quality of their products and services can be challenging. That’s why Cedar Fence Direct is happy to be your new trustworthy wholesale supplier. We’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to delivering value in our materials and customer service. We’d love to work with you on your next big fence project in Wichita, Kansas.

Again, we ship anywhere in the country and provide a range of delivery options that works the best for your lifestyle. No need to stress about getting your cedar fencing in time, we’ll take care of it all for you.

Reach out to us on social media or feel free to give us a call to be connected with our skilled specialists and get started today! No hidden fees or gimmicks, we’ll give you an estimate for your materials and delivery costs right on the spot. Call today and make Cedar Fence Direct your top supplier or all your cedar fencing needs.

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