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Welcome to beautiful Oklahoma City, or as some call it, OKC. As the capital and largest city in the state of Oklahoma, it’s one of the most populated cities in America with 1,408,950 residents. The majority of Oklahoma City is a mixture of heavily rural areas and some city land. OKC falls into the Great Plains region, making it a central hub for all things livestock. Unfortunately, it also falls into what is informally known as Tornado Alley. In the springtime, the city faces severe weather patterns consisting anywhere from tornadoes, hailstorms, to even derechos.

With that said, quality building materials that fit the needs of livestock and can stand the test of time in extreme weather conditions are vital for fencing in Oklahoma City. Whether you live in OKC, are a prospective buyer, or just looking to learn more, we’d like to provide you with sufficient groundwork for understanding the varying styles of fencing that we sell here at Cedar Fence Direct. Beyond that, we strive to apply the groundwork to common uses for fencing in Oklahoma City, and give you some insightful knowledge that’ll help you with your fencing needs.


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Different Styles of Wood Fencing and Fence Pickets

Cedar Privacy Fencing

This style of fencing is extremely popular and is used among homeowners, contractors, communities, recreation spaces, and much more. It is utilized mainly for added security and privacy, but to also add a design appeal that catches the eyes of walkers and visitors to the area.

Split Rail Fencing

This style of fencing is more popular in national parks and open spaces like trails and public parks because it’s easy to install and is affordable.

Post and Dowel Fencing

Post and dowel fencing is ideal for people looking to cover a large amount of land or have horses that need to be kept secure and safe. Post and dowel fencing is a taller style of fence and it is durable enough that you can tie a horse to one of the posts and it would stay put. 

Ranch Rail Fencing

Ranch rail fencing, along with post and dowel fencing, is perfect for larger spaces and if you are looking for a sturdier fence to keep larger animals in or out depending on the situation.

Of course, each style of fencing has different purposes and some of them may depend on the area you live in or your specific requirements. The examples above are just the most commonly seen ways that these styles of fencing are used.

What Fence Style is Best for Me in Oklahoma City? | What are Some Common Uses?

If you’re an Oklahoma City resident, it’s possible you deal with some of the aforementioned complications that the city endures. Oklahoma is known for its livestock ranching and bustling downtown industry, and we want to cover the basics that will relate to the needs of everyone.

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Common Fencing in Oklahoma City

As with many cities surrounded by rural areas, the architectural design and overall style of houses and buildings varies significantly. Specifically, fencing in Oklahoma City takes on a wide range of options and looks. Since there are so many different kinds of residences in OKC, the fencing needs in one area will be completely different than that of another area.

If you’re a city slicker living in or around the downtown areas of Oklahoma City, you’ll likely see a good amount of metal and tall wood fencing. In a city especially, privacy is one of the most sought-after assets to have. Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we offer an extensive range of height and style options for you to choose from and customize to your liking. Cedar fencing is long-lasting and will stand the test of time even in a city location. If privacy and safety is one of your main concerns, fencing can help to take some of the pressure off so you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home or business.

For those living in the suburbs of Oklahoma City, fencing is one of the best ways to protect your family, your home, and your beloved furry friends. Installing a fence around a front or backyard can instantly take your home to the next level design-wise and with a high level of security in mind. Basically every kind of fencing is acceptable and appealing for suburban residents. Our assortment of fencing options are long-lasting, cheaper than the big box stores, and have convenient delivery options available. We know it’s not easy to set aside the time and money to get the looks you want for your home, and Cedar Fence Direct strives to make the process as seamless and easy as possible for you and your loved ones.

Many folks in Oklahoma City live in rural areas where farming is both a lifestyle and a business. In this case, it’s vital that fencing is reliable and able to withstand force of animals or unpredictable environmental conditions. Many of the livestock farms that are so common in OKC have split rail or post and dowel fencing. This kind of fence is extremely popular due to its longevity and durability. For people living in rural areas of Oklahoma City, this is a must-have. The combination of unforeseeable weather mixed in with the need to ensure animals or crops are well-protected makes cedar fencing a hot commodity in Oklahoma City.

All in all, there are many varieties of cedar fencing to choose from depending on your specific location and style needs. City dwellers tend to be concerned about privacy, suburban folks want to ensure they’re homes are secure and safe for their families, and rural residents need fencing that will protect their animals and livelihood. Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we have a solution to all of the possible needs and wants that you may have. For more information, take a look at our extensive selection of fence styles and designs today and give us a call if you have any questions.

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Average Cost of Wood
Fencing in Oklahoma City

Let’s talk numbers. There’s a lot of uneasiness surrounding cost among homeowners when it comes to large projects like installing a fence. Prices are usually determined depending on 3 important details:
  1. The supplier you are purchasing from to get the fencing material.
  2. How much you need total.
  3. The kind of wood you are buying.

First off, choosing the right supplier for your fencing needs can make or break the whole project (or your wallet for that matter). Some suppliers will charge more or less for their products depending on how much they paid for them initially. In places like Oklahoma City, you’re left with the decision of going to independent contractors, wholesalers, and big box stores who sell the fencing building supplies you’re interested in purchasing. If you decide to purchase materials from a store who had to use an intermediary for shipping, you will likely pay higher prices when all is said and done.

Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we’re a wholesale company that doesn’t have all of the hidden fees you will typically encounter in a project like building a fence. We are able to remove the need for a middleman and sell our products at a more affordable rate. Cedar Fence Direct also provides price reductions for those looking to purchase materials in bulk. We can help to complete your projects on your timeline and budget, taking the pressure off you and your wallet!

Cedar is some of the best wood material on the market. To learn more about why Cedar is so appropriate and great for fencing, keep reading or click here.

According to a website called “ProMatcher, the average cost of fence installation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, per linear foot is around $12.96 to $15.74 depending on your location and who the supplier is.

If you’re interested in installing the fence on your own, it can save a huge chunk out of the total cost. If this sounds like you, give us a call and speak to one of our highly trained specialists if you need any installation tips. If you need further assistance, check out our blog page where you’ll find an abundance of resources and information to help you along the way.

Our Top Priorities

Oklahoma City is well-known for its extreme variance in weather conditions. Before choosing from our wide selection of fences, it’s crucial that you also consider the environmental conditions that it’ll need to combat. By customizing to your specific needs, you can create your dream fence that will stand the test of time. With Cedar Fence Direct, you have the option to choose different hardware and methods of securing your posts, pickets, and rails according to your own preferences.
The best offense is a good defense. To ensure that your fence will last and can resist the unpredictable climate, choosing the correct building materials is essential. When it comes to the best wood material to use for fences, decks, and siding, all roads lead to cedar. Here are just a few of the many benefits of using cedar wood for building:


In the humidity, it is common for woods to shrink and to expand depending on the cause and level of the humidity. If the air is humid from moisture like rain, certain woods will expand because they are absorbing the moisture in the air. If the humidity is dry and hot, the wood can shrink from being dehydrated. With cedar, these things still can occur, but they will be minimal. Cedar adapts to the humidity and will adjust itself depending on the moisture or dryness in the air.


Cedar is a wood species that is less soluble and doesn’t absorb all the moisture it is exposed to. Of course, it will naturally absorb a certain level, but it is resistant to moisture at a certain point and will not let any soak in. Another great way to add extra protection to your cedar is to seal the surface. Most of the time, this will ensure no moisture absorption.


The effects on cedar from heat falls with the humidity component from above. The outcomes are the same in the sense that it depends on whether or not it is a moist heat or a dry heat. As long as your cedar has had time to adapt and is sealed, you won’t have to worry about your cedar changing shape in the heat whether it’s a wet or dry heat.


In the cold, some wood species will shrink from the frigid temps and harsh drops in warmth. Cedar of course will have a shrinkage rate, but it is nowhere near what other wood species would shrink at. Ideally, once your cedar has adapted to the cold, it will resume its original size and not cause any damage.


The power of wind can be substantial and cause damage especially if it is from a tornado for example and has brunt force. Cedar is a very sturdy and durable wood, that when secured properly, can withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour. The common use for cedar fencing is in the style of privacy fencing, which is secured typically with concrete and nails or screws which just adds to the durability of the fence.

If you’re in need of a fence that’s a great price, easy to install, and will stand the test of time in uncertain weather conditions, then cedar is your best option. This versatile species of wood is great for customizing your fence to fit design preferences, and you can rest easy knowing that it’ll last in the harshest of places.
If you’re interested in learning more about cedar fencing in Oklahoma City, we suggest taking a look at our blog page. There you’ll find a plethora of information regarding cedar wood and other related topics that are useful to prospective buyers. Many of the posts share insight on tips for installing cedar fencing, tricks for taking care of the wood, design inspiration to get you going, and unique areas of interest surrounding cedar wood. If you have any questions or want to learn more, give us a call today and we’d love to help you out!

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