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What is Trex Fencing &
Who Manufactures it?

Trex is a very well-known and popular manufacturer that works with suppliers and wholesalers across the country. They specialize in composite materials, specifically decking and fencing. Their fencing, which is a rather new product, has allowed clients to still reap the benefits of privacy fencing such as security and privacy, but without the natural wood hassle. Natural wood is a great option for fencing, however, if you are a homeowner looking for an easier to maintain option, composite fencing is the way to go.

Trex offers a few different colors that are easy to customize and pair with existing materials and décor to achieve a specific look. Whether you are repairing, renovating or installing a brand-new fence, you can easily customize your look to your specific needs while staying within a budget. By combining the services and the resources of both Trex and us here at Cedar Fence Direct, we can help build the ideal fence for you and your family.

What is Trex Fencing & Who Manufactures it?

Why Cedar Fence Direct?

Here at Cedar Fence Direct, we strive to give superior customer service, that you will only find at a family-owned lumberyard. We aim to give our customers an opportunity to learn about the process and the materials they are buying. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you are given 100% transparent and honest information that helps you make your decision. Let us handle the hard stuff so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new fence!

Trex Fence Design Inspiration

Above are a few different examples as to how you can use Trex fencing in a variety of different ways to create unique and different designs. Check out their website for more information and pictures for inspiration.

What Color of Trex Fencing is Right for My Project?

Pairing Colors

Above are the color choices that Trex offers in their Seclusions fencing line. Their color choices are neutral, but one of a kind, so your design is specific to what you want. They also configured them so as they age and fade, the colors will get better as they fade, whereas some brands the color tend to move away from the original color.

You want you to the fence to complement the color of your home, so it looks as if they came together. These three colors are very versatile and can match well with just about any color home or style.

Use Your Resources

Throughout the building process, you want your fence installation to go smoothly with as little stress as possible. Through Trex and us here at Cedar Fence Direct, we can offer you resources that can help guide you through the entire process. Trex has various resources such as design galleries for inspiration, as well as cost calculators and design centers that can help you finalize your design. Our entire team here at Cedar Fence Direct is dedicated to helping you make the best decisions for you by guiding you through the process and helping answer as many questions as we can. If you have any questions about products or how to place an order, give us a call and we can help guide you through it with ease.

Contact us today to place an order or to learn more about our process!

Saddle Trex Fence Color
Winchester Grey Trex Fence Color
Wood Brown Trex Fence Color

Building a Trex Fence

The Process

Planning for A New Trex Fence or a Renovation:

When it comes to planning for a fence install or renovation, there are steps you want to take that will make the whole process go smoothly. The first thing you want to do before you take any steps is to make a list of all needs. This is important because you can give this to your supplier or contractor so they can find you the right style.

Some things in your life might be:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • A certain color
  • An accent design like post caps or lighting

Take your needs and must-haves into consideration and put those on a list. This is your home and your fence should be exactly what you want.

Planning for A New Trex Fence or a Renovation
Budgeting for a Trex Fence Install or Renovation

Budgeting for a Trex Fence Install or Renovation:

Once you have your wants and needs lined out, you can go ahead with setting a budget for your project. Your budget should include the following:

  • Materials
  • Install
  • After Care
  • Additional Labor

Something to remember when you are making a budget is to always plan to spend more than you originally intend to. This way you tend to stay within budget and end up with extra money left over in case there are any mistakes or mishaps that happen.

What Materials Do You Need?

When you are installing a Trex fence, there are very few materials that you need which is one reason it’s so popular among homeowners. You will need the fencing itself, your fastener system, and the material you need to secure the post in the ground. Beyond this, your Trex fencing requires no other materials and is super easy to install.

Installation and Things to Remember:

Before you install your Trex fence, you want to make sure you remember a couple of things. You want to double check that you have all the materials before you start so the process will go smoothly. We also recommend that you check your measurements before you install a product. By double-checking certain things before installation, you can avoid any issues or mistakes which can save you money.

Designing Your Perfect Fence:

Designing your fence is the most important part of installing a fence, because this determines how your fence will look. With Trex fencing, they have many different resources that you can use to help you through the design process. On their website, they have an inspiration gallery full of pictures and layouts that help you create your design. Check out the design inspiration section of this page for some picture inspiration!

Taking Care of Your Trex Fence:

Once your fence is installed, you want to take care of your fence so that it lasts for years with little to no renovations or repairs needed. Talk with your sales representative at our company and they can give you some information on how to care for your Trex fence.

Some of the general things that you will want to do to keep your fence looking like new is wiping down the surface occasionally or rinsing it off with your hose. Because Trex fencing is composite, it is very easy to clean and maintain. Making sure that your fence is free of cracks is another great way to keep it from aging!

What Trex Fencing Options Exist

Through Trex, we can get you a fence that is similar to the style of a privacy fence but is customizable and easier to maintain compared to natural wood. They offer a privacy fencing style that offers you security and privacy so you can enjoy your outdoor space with minimal stress. The great thing about Trex fencing is they have different style options to choose from so you can adjust it to match your style.

They offer lighting, post caps, and different accents that you can add to your fence for an enhanced design look.

Their seclusion fencing line is offered in different size ranges of the following:

Trex Seclusion Fencing Size Ranges:
2′ tall x 8′ wide

3’ tall x 8’ wide

4’ tall x 8’ wide

5’ tall x 8’ wide

6’ tall x 8’ wide

7’ tall x 8’ wide

8’ tall x 8’ wide

9’ tall x 8’ wide

10’ tall x 8’ wide

11’ tall x 8’ wide

12’ tall x 8’ wide

By offering all of these different dimensions, you have the ability to customize your fence based on your needs and the layout of your land.

Trex Seclusion Fencing Components

What It Includes:

1 Post Cap
1 Post
2 Brackets
1 Top Rail
19 Pickets
2 Bottom Rail Covers
1 Aluminum Bottom Rails
24 Wood Screws


8, 9 or 12ft posts – 5”x5”
Bracket – 1.9”x2.7”
Angle Adaptor – 2.65”x1.25”
Gate Post Stiffener – 3.5”x3.5”
Bottom Rail Cover/Picket – 1”x5.75”x67” or 1”x5.75”x91”
Flat Post Cap – 7.5”x2.6”
Pyramid Post Cap – 7.5”x3.8”
Aluminum Bottom Rail – 2.7”x5.1”x90.5”
Top Rail – 4”x4.9”x91”

To learn more about the color options Trex fencing offers
refer to the section of the page “pairing Colors”!

Should I Add Lattice to My Trex Fencing?

Can I use it as a decoration?

Another great option that Trex offers are lattice sheets. These sheets can be used as an addition to fencing for an enhanced look or you can use it for additional outdoor décor.

Lattice is a very popular material used inside and out for vertical gardens, vine walls and as a décor piece with privacy fencing, for example. You can install lattice at the top 1’ of your fence to give the design a unique look. Some homeowners also choose to use lattice as an alternative to their fencing pickets and boards.

Trex offers black and white lattice in the following sizes so you can match your customization.

In the black profiles of lattice, Trex offers the following sizes: 1/4”,1/2”,3/4” and 1”.

In the white profiles of lattice, Trex offers the following sizes: 1/4”,1/2”,3/4”, and 1”.

For design inspiration and different ways you can use Trex Lattice Works, check out their website!

Trex Lattice Sheets


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