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Installing a lattice fence can be nothing but beneficial to your yard. They can hide imperfections or particular sections you don’t want on display, add additional privacy as well as support vined plants. Installing a lattice fence isn’t hard, as any level of DIYer can accomplish it. However, if you prefer to have a professional contractor we can connect you with someone who we know will do great work at a great price. If you choose to tackle this project through a DIY approach, you’re in luck! Lattice fences are very easy to install, and like any DIY project, just requires hard work and accuracy.

Before you start building, like any project you’ll be conducting on your yard, there is a small check list you’ll need to go over. First, you’ll need to check with your city’s rules and regulations and your HOA to make sure that your design won’t break any codes. Second, check-in with your neighbor to clarify the ownership and responsibility of the fence. As they say, “good fences make good neighbors”. Lastly, determine the area and linear footage you’ll be using so you buy the right amount of materials.

Your list of materials is quite short, adding value as a DIY oriented project. The bare minimum set of materials would be: a level, a jigsaw, shovel, tape measure, string level (beneficial to lining up your posts), drills and screws , hammer and nails, quick-setting concrete, 4×8 treated wood, and 2×4 or 4×4 treated posts.

When it comes to installing your posts, if you wish to bolster the frame of a free standing fence then your post holes must be about 8 feet apart for optimal support. Your post holes should be around 3 feet deep, or 1/3 of your post. When it comes to the footing material for your post holes, refer to this article.

When you attach your panels to the posts, be sure that everything is level and accurate so that the crossing of panels is even and visually appealing. If you do have extra panel hanging off the ends, simply use the jigsaw to trim it.

Here is an illustration of what a lattice fence can look like:

Lattice Fence

If you’re looking for a bit of extra flair in your yard, try adding a lattice fence. They don’t require many materials, they have plenty of functionality (both decorative and safety/privacy) and their installation is a breeze. Like any project, if you measure accurately and set aside time to crank out some work, you’ll be able to complete a project like this in no time at all.