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When it comes to home improvement projects, what makes someone buy their materials from where they do?

Is the price the determining factor? Or is the quality of materials more important than price? Maybe there’s a particular service one business offers that another doesn’t?

For each homeowner, the reasons can vary. But when you shop with Cedar Fence Direct for your building materials you won’t have to worry about deciding between those questions.


We can accommodate each and every one of those questions.

For instance, for the cost-conscience consumers out there, we are a mill-direct wholesaler of lumber products. So we have the best prices on the market – with the widest variety, as well. And if quality reigns as the deciding factor, our mill-direct system allows us to have more control over the quality of our inventory.

Or maybe you’re looking for a business that doesn’t just do the basics. Maybe you’d like someone who can go above and beyond just the norm. This is where Cedar Fence Direct comes in with our in-home quotes.

Check out this recent article about in-home estimates and their benefits to learn more.

Cedar Fence Direct can accommodate your needs for pricing, quality and even going beyond the norm, but what else can we offer homeowners?

Fence Specialists

Our highly-trained and knowledgeable fence specialists can quote out any type of fence. Whether you have a privacy fence, split rail, ranch rail or even post and dowel – we are your fencing solution.

We have the stock for all these fences and our specialists have worked on countless projects involving all these designs. So whatever your needs are, we can help!

A New Way to Give Fence Estimates

Plus, we’ve all had those weekends where there just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time to fit everything in.

We’re realizing that life has become much more hectic for the average homeowner, which is why we’re bringing the variety and value of a wholesale lumber yard, right to your doorstep!

Not only do we provide materials, but we also go out to project locations to accurately measure your necessary materials. While we’re there we can even give you referrals for installation, if you don’t have a contractor or installer lined up already.

You can get all the necessary information and materials for building or fixing a fence, without leaving the comfort of your own home!