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When it comes to your fence installation, many homeowners can become anxious awaiting the final results of their project.

Will it be structurally sound? Will it hold up to its lifespan?

While these concerns are understandable, we’re here to give you 4 facts about your fence installation that will ensure satisfaction.

Choosing the right materials

To ensure a top-notch fence installation, you’ll first want to choose the right materials for your project. Know the functional benefits of each material type available to you, this will only help with ensuring satisfaction.

For example, species like Cedar can be a great selection for fences because it provides a resistance to things like rot, moisture, decay and even insects. Having a clear understanding of the maintenance requirements and durability standards means you won’t succumb to any surprises with your fence.

Have your desired design in mind

Another way to ensure satisfaction with your fence installation is to have a clear design in mind and sticking to that plan. When a specialist arrives at your project’s location, they’ll give you the most accurate estimate for your required fence materials. With the expert knowledge provided by one of our veteran and highly-skilled specialists, be sure to follow their estimates – the accuracy will ensure that you won’t have to buy more or return unused materials.

Communicate your exact needs

Building off of the last tip, be sure to communicate all your needs and preferences to your specialist and even your contractor. Let them know about your design preferences so that all your expectations are met.

For example, say you have a tree or other features that can obstruct the path of your fence. Sometimes the removal of those features is an option or you can build around them and add them into the fence’s design. Just be sure you let your specialist and contractor know what your preferences are!

Finding the right contractor

The last tip we have to ensuring a satisfactory fence installation is finding the right contractor. Depending on your needs and budget, the contractor choices will vary. While there are countless options to choose from, we work with hundreds of contractors on a regular basis. This means we can refer you to multiple contractor options.