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If you are looking for an easy, appealing, and timeless fencing option- lattice fencing is a great choice! Although it is most commonly seen in gardens and on patios, lattice fencing is very versatile and can be used in many other areas around your yard.

Lattice fencing is available in metal, wood or vinyl. It consists of strips of these materials crossed and fastened together to create a square or diamond shaped pattern. Wood tends to be the more popular choice among all of the available materials that lattice fencing comes in. Lattice fencing is also available in full panel or as partial decorative panel on the top of a traditional picket style fence.

Lattice Fencing around Gardens and Flower Beds

There are a couple reasons why lattice fencing is found in gardens and flower beds. For instance, lattice fencing provides protection while allowing light to shine through. This is prime for vegetation and flowers that need some relief from the sun, but still prefer bright light.

Lattice fencing also promotes upward growth of plants and vegetation. Because of the square or diamond holes throughout the fence panel, plants can grip onto it easily.

Lattice Fencing as Landscape Décor

Lattice fencing is very classic looking and can add some character to any area of your yard big or small. Lattice fencing can be used throughout your landscape as a divider, archway, or freestanding wall. These can be functional solutions to break up large open spaces or to create movement in your outdoor areas.

Pros and Cons of Lattice Fencing


Pros of Lattice Fencing

Cost: Lattice fencing is very affordable compared to other types of fencing. Lattice fencing can be installed for about half of the cost of other wood, metal, or vinyl fences.

Versatility: Since lattice fencing in available in metal, vinyl, or wood options and has multiple ways it can be configured, it can fit most fencing design needs. Lattice fencing is also available in shorter waist high lengths (for garden and flower beds) all the way up to a traditional 6-foot-high perimeter fence.

Plant Friendly: As mentioned earlier, lattice fencing is plant friendly and promotes upward growth. This allows the crafty gardener to plan out visually appealing place of lattice fencing and panels to enhance any landscape. Plant lovers can choose robust vine vegetation that will quickly take over the lattice creating an enchanted garden feel.

Appeal: Lattice fencing is very aesthetically appealing, but simple as well. This allows homeowners and landscapers to further embellish an intricate landscape or add simple inflection in a more modest yard.

Blends Beautifully: Lattice fencing easily blends in with any other fencing that you have used in your yard. This is especially true for wood lattice fencing.


Cons of Lattice Fencing

Durability: Lattice fencing cannot withstand a lot of stress or strain. Therefore, if you require a fencing option that can hold up to extensive weight or pressure, this is not the best choice.

Privacy: Many people are strictly drawn to lattice fencing for its appearance, but are disappointed with the lack of privacy that it provides. Since the pattern of lattice fencing leaves open squares or diamonds throughout the panel, it does not prevent others from seeing through to the other side.

Whether it is professionally installed or a DIY project, lattice fencing will leave your yard looking refreshed and cared for. Consider lattice fencing to spruce up your existing landscape or integrate it into a whole new design!


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