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Over the months, we have covered pretty much everything you should be educated on or remember when it comes to adding a fence to your home. However, we haven’t talked about the things you should consider before starting the process. Of course the act of building a fence is vital, but the ‘before process’ is just as important because that sets the tone for how your fence project will go. Aside from picking the materials, there are many things that come into play before you even start the process. We want to give you the ultimate guide of all the things to consider and what most people don’t even think about.

Fencing Materials

Let’s start with your fencing materials. This part is self-explanatory and you’re probably thinking- why is this something people forget? Well, it’s not the part of choosing the materials that people forget, it’s the process of checking with your HOA. Many HOAs only allow certain types of fencing like vinyl for example, mainly for their specific attributes. If you are set on using a material for your project, you will want to check with your HOA regulations to make sure you don’t have certain guidelines to follow.

Neighborly Communication

The next thing is communicating with your neighbor. Usually if you are installing a fence, a portion of it will be splitting your land and your neighbors land which means you should make sure your neighbor wants a fence and that you don’t have certain rules you have to follow if your neighbor disagrees. A smart idea if you are both wanting a fence, is to split the cost of the half that you both share. This will save you both money and keep everyone involved and informed. Depending on the neighborhood you live in, there may be rules about involving a neighbor and honoring their wants, so be sure to check and follow them as needed.

Building a Fence DIY or Contracting Out

Now you need to consider whether or not you want to hire someone to install the fence or do it yourself. Many homeowners instantly go to installing it themselves because it saves money. However, you want to make sure you have the proper tools, know the process, and have all the materials before you try and do it yourself. Installing a fence can be very exhausting and a lot more vigorous than many people think. If you decide to do it yourself, ask a friend or family member to help so you aren’t putting all the weight on your shoulders.

Understanding the Process of Building a Fence

Next up on our list is research. Make sure you know everything you need to know. Every type of fence is different which means there might be certain installation tricks, or maintenance that needs to be kept up with. Before you start anything, make a budget so you know what your limits are, choose a material that makes the most sense for your lifestyle, make a checklist of materials and tools so you don’t miss anything, and do a once over on the maintenance so you know what to expect. This way there are no surprises and you are prepared for everything that could come your way.

Installation Process

Finally, you want to know how to install your fence. Every fence is different and there may be certain materials that you need to install the specific material, whether its vinyl, metal, aluminum, wood, or chain link. No one wants to start a project and half way through be completely stuck as what to do next. So, if you don’t feel comfortable installing your fence, don’t try and do it yourself. Hire a contractor so they can do it correctly and efficiently.

Now, these are just a few tips to remember before you start the process of building a fence. Of course, each job is unique and there may be other things you need to know or make decisions on before you start. Make sure you are familiar with everything you need and are educated on your renovation project. If you ever have any questions about products, installation, pricing, or general fencing questions don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our fencing specialists here at Cedar Fence Direct. We are here and always happy to help you with our renovation!


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