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Over the past year, we have seen shortages in many products and changes in the cost of others. The constant fluctuation in pricing and supply may have you wondering what type of building materials to use for your new fence. While wood, particularly cedar, remains the first choice of many homeowners, it is worth examining the possibility of building a fence from composite materials that mimic the appearance of wood.

1. Easy Upkeep

A standard privacy fence looks great and matches just about any home style. They are budget-friendly and can last for up to 30 years if you maintain them properly. In many climates, this maintenance involves cleaning it, tightening loose hardware, replacing warped boards, and restaining the fence every two or three years. It can be a big job to complete yourself or an expensive project for a contractor.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of composite fencing is that it does not need to be painted or stained ever. It comes in many different earth tones designed to look like real wood. The color of each board is throughout the product instead of sitting on the surface as a solid stain does. You will not have to worry about chipping or peeling even in the most punishing heat or harshest winter weather.

Composite fence boards made from recycled plastic and wood fibers are extremely resistant to moisture as well. Because the boards stay dry, they do not expand and contract with temperature changes. The protective outer layer on each board shields the boards from wood-eating pests and prevents color fading, as well as mildew. Your yearly maintenance is limited to washing off dirt and debris, which can be done with a brush and mild soapy water.

2. Eco-Friendly

The plastic used to manufacture composite wood boards comes from recycled plastic bottles and bags that would otherwise end up in landfills. Keeping these non-biodegradable materials from polluting our land and water and upcycling it into useful products is a significant step for the environment. This benefit is compounded by the fact that composite boards can be recycled when they reach the end of their useful lives. It is not a throwaway product.

Choosing composite products instead of pressure treated wood varieties also prevents harmful chemicals from leaching into the environment. The chemicals used to pressure treat wood varieties like pine to make them last longer do not bond permanently with the wood. Over time, rainwater and snowmelt can wash them away and into the soil beneath.

3. Durability

Many fencing products taut their long-lasting durability. Metal fences, for example, are low maintenance and last for many years. However, wrought iron can be costly to install and requires regular painting to keep it from rusting. Despite your best efforts, you are likely to find rust spots from time to time. Vinyl fencing is another low-maintenance option that many homeowners enjoy. However, vinyl fencing is hollow and can become brittle over time leading to chips and cracks. Trex fencing boards are solid and dense like real wood boards. It is not prone to cracking or chipping.

4. Easy Installation

Building a fence out of Trex does not require special tools that you will only use once and toss in the garage when the project is complete. Hiring a professional to install your fence is still an excellent option that will save you time, especially if your skillset is limited. However, it is a project that handy homeowners can complete on their own. Be sure that you understand the magnitude of the project before you begin and allow enough time to complete the project before you bring home that new puppy.

5. Economical

At first glance, it is plain to see that Trex fencing is not the least expensive fence option. It will almost certainly cost more for the materials to build a composite fence than a wood or chain link fence. However, examining the costs of owning and maintaining the fence over its lifetime tells a different story. If you plan to maintain your own fence, you will need to budget for annual repairs and restaining every few years. You could allow the fence to weather and age naturally, but experience shows that staining helps fences last much longer. When you add up the maintenance costs, you may discover that composite fencing is not as expensive as you once imagined it to be.

While we still prefer to build fences out of cedar wood because nothing beats its beauty, versatility, and natural durability, we understand that Trex fencing is a great solution for many homeowners and businesses. Only you can decide which is the best product for your needs. Either way, Cedar Fence Direct is ready to help you get the job done and build a fence that you will adore.


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