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As our name suggests, Cedar Fence Direct is a huge advocate for cedar fencing in Colorado. We recommend it as the number one choice for our customers given its natural durability, resistance to the elements, and gorgeous raw look. But for those who are looking for a lower maintenance material and aren’t interested in natural wood, composite is your next best bet. 

Composite fencing materials are often manufactured to look like natural wood but without all the upkeep that many natural wood materials require. Our fan-favorite here at CFD is Trex. Trex is well-known for their superior solution to composite decking and siding, but many aren’t aware of the awesome composite fencing materials that they also manufacture. For those seeking alternatives to natural wood fencing, Trex is certainly the best composite fencing material out there.

With Trex fencing, you can have all the visibly beautiful benefits of real wood fencing but without the hassle of upkeep and replacing boards every so often with harsh weather. It is a premium material that is truly built to last decades in any condition. If you’re trying to decide between Trex fencing and vinyl fencing alternatives, the choice is clear. Trex not only looks way more natural than vinyl fencing, but it’s more durable, sustainable, and long-lasting in a Colorado climate.

When compared to natural wood, composite fencing tends to be considerably more expensive. But when you take its longevity and low maintenance into account, you will actually save more money over time with Trex materials. But is it really worth the extra cost? Well, it depends. If maintaining your fence is something that you are not interested in at all, it may be worth the added costs to not have to deal with it all. But if you think that you can manage stinging your fence every few years and checking for damage to replace boards, it may be in your best interest to save and go with a more natural option. In the end, composite and natural wood are both great options and will last for a long time when cared for properly.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to composite fencing materials is that they are known to warp and fade in color over time. Trex, however, aims to eliminate all environmentally caused damage with their superior fencing material. Trex is one of the top outdoor brands in the industry and their fencing is no different. Prior to Trex, a composite material with the qualities and benefits that Trex provides was not an option. Trex has truly changed the game for the composite fencing industry. 

If Tre isn’t your style and you are considering other options for composite fencing, you’ll be tasked with a tough choice of quality over pricing. While many composite fencing options offer a great, low-maintenance design, they can be lower quality than traditional fencing or Trex. Even with this lessened quality of the materials, you’ll still find that these composite boards will be pricier than compared to natural wood. So in the end, is it worth it for you? In our eyes, cedar is the clear winner in every category, but if your heart is set on composite we can recommend Trex enough. The choice is yours and whatever you end up installing, especially if it’s from Cedar Fence Direct, it’s guaranteed to look fantastic.

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