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Cedar will likely always reign supreme when it comes to the best fencing materials. But when natural wood just won’t cut it, composite is typically the next best bet. And without a doubt, our favorite composite fencing is Trex.

Who Is Trex?

Trex is a very well-known and beloved brand specializing in composite decking and fencing products. These materials are built to last and are backed by a 25-year warranty in case you don’t absolutely love them. Their unique look and flawless façade are what make Trex fencing products so special. Reap all the benefits of a natural looking fencing without the hassle of upkeep and wear and tear over time.

In addition, Trex products are incredibly sustainable and manufactured with the eco-conscious consumer in mind. With their innovative blend of 95% recycled material, you can be sure your fencing looks great while leaving a small eco-footprint on the world. Durability, sustainability, and sleek appeal are just a few of the many advantages that Trex fencing has to offer.

What Is The Price Difference?

For large fence projects, it’s always a good idea to keep a general budget in mind. For those looking for the best long term investment in their fencing structures, composite materials are a great way to go. Specifically, Trex fencing products are manufactured to be some of the heftiest and most resistant products on the market. They are sure to last decades with minimal maintenance and repairs.

On the other hand, cedar fencing is typically more affordable than your average composite fence. With cedar, however, there are other costs along the way that will add up. Regular maintenance such as staining or repairing broken boards will cost homeowners hundreds of dollars over the course of a couple decades. Not to mention, these materials are more prone to be affected by harsh elements.

Benefits Of Trex Fencing

Trex fencing offers the unique opportunity for homeowners to showcase beautiful materials that look natural without the worry of keeping up with the maintenance. Sure, the initial costs of these materials may be higher upfront than natural wood, but they are guaranteed to last and maintain their durability. 

A huge advantage to Trex fencing is that the color and style is up to the discretion of the designer or property owner. With natural wood, there are limited options in terms of the look of the fence. Trex has an extensive range of various looks and colors to choose from and truly personalize your fence.

These different styles also come with the benefit of tiered quality, so buyers can choose the level of quality and amount they hope to spend. Similar to grades of natural fence pickets, Trex offers a highly durable material for those concerned about security and resistance. In addition, they also carry cheaper materials that also have a sleek look for people more concerned about aesthetics and curb appeal. There’s truly something for everyone. 

Whichever material you end up choosing, know that there are so many options out there perfect for any style and lifestyle. If you’d like to start a quote with our sales representatives or have general questions, contact them here.