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Your backyard fence gives YOU the opportunity to get creative, showcase your imagination and stand out in the neighborhood.

While front yard fences are largely focused on creating awesome curb appeal, a backyard fence can provide functional benefits as well as unique aesthetics. Homeowners are getting more and more creative, and backyard fences are starting to get crazy!

Here are 5 different styles to help you spark some creative thinking and make your back yard fence a unique master piece:


Horizontal Backyard Fence

This design is starting to become increasingly popular. These fences, being horizontal rather than vertical, allows you to choose different wood species for your materials.

Traditional privacy fences will more often than not, use species like Cedar or Pine – but the horizontal design means you can use decking boards for your fence! We’ve seen countless vertical designs that use species like Mahogany, Tigerwood and even Red Balau.

The result?

A modern look that has an unmatched aesthetic. The color seen in species like Mahogany and Tigerwood is elegant and vibrant – giving your fence project an incredible look that softwood species just can’t mimic.


Contemporary Backyard Fence

Here’s another unique twist to a horizontal design. With the overlapping design and spaces created by the horizontal boards gives this particular fence a beautiful and contemporary aesthetic.

If you’re looking to stand out in the neighborhood, then this design will do just that. While it may not provide as much privacy as a traditional, vertical picket system – if you’re more enticed by the idea of a cool looking fence than function, there’s no question about this design being the option for you.


Steel Rail Backyard Fence

This system has its pros and cons, like any other fence design. The pros being that since the design is made using steel – the structural integrity and durability can be the highest out of all fence material types.

However, with these steel designs there can be a few issues. Such as: if there isn’t good rust defense, then oxidation of the materials can occur. If you want to avoid this issue, check out Fortress Railing as they provide a patented 4 coating process that prevents rust and oxidation with ease.

Plus, if a repair needs to be done – no matter how small – you’ll most likely need to remove an entire section for repairs rather than just removing one picket or just the material that’s in need of fixing.


Lattice Backyard Fence Variation

Here’s another unique twist to a previously seen design. Lattice fences can be added to the tops of standard fences or, as seen here, simply be the entire fence design!

By incorporating dark, grey posts with the natural wood appearance of the lattice gives this design a great modern look.


Short Picket Backyard Fence

Traditional picket design fences tend to be 6 feet tall. However, this design has the fence sitting around 3.5-4 feet tall. The result gives the backyard fence a more quaint feel and aesthetic.

If you’re looking for more of a garden vibe and country feel, then this short picket style would be perfect. However, you may need to check with your city’s codes and regulations to see if there’s a minimum height for fences (as 6’ tends to be the standard).

Check out these different types of picket designs!