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DENVER, Colo. – Cedar Fence Direct is breaking into the fencing market in Wichita, Kansas, effective immediately. As the largest city in Kansas, Wichita presents a rare opportunity for Cedar Fence Direct to tap into the industry and provide for smaller contracting companies to get their foot in the door. The diverse landscape and unpredictable weather patterns in Wichita require fencing materials that are versatile and durable enough to hold up for years to come. Many of Wichita’s residents are farmers or ranchers, necessitating fencing that will protect their property and overall livelihood. Other residents living in the city areas need fencing that gives them privacy and ensures that their home or business is safe and sound. 

Until now, there haven’t been many outlets for local contractors to purchase their materials in bulk at a standard that they need. As a contractor or installer of any sort, it’s extremely valuable to be able to select the grade and quantity of your material for your customers. Buying products from wholesale businesses is a route taken by many to succeed in the market, especially in a place like Wichita

Selling Fencing in Wichita

Wichita is conveniently located near freight routes that make shipping material from Cedar Fence Direct, located in Denver, CO, very cost-effective for the consumer. This way, contractors living in smaller divisions in and around areas of Wichita can obtain the quality and quantity of the materials they need at a more affordable rate than their local big box stores. In any industry, it’s vital to always be ahead of the competition. Cedar Fence Direct supplies materials from a handful of the top mills across the world. The expansive reach that they have opens up doors to those in Wichita looking to strengthen their business.

Who is Cedar Fence Direct?

Cedar Fence Direct is a wholesale, family-owned business that’s been around since 1974. Over the past 46 years or so, they have built relationships with mills all over the globe. Cedar Fence Direct’s main mission has always been to provide high-quality fencing materials at rates that won’t break the bank for contractors. They have removed the need for a middleman, cutting costs for installers and ensuring a higher standard of building supplies for their customers. 

It can be difficult to find a trustworthy supplier who will get a contractor what they need within a tight timeline. Cedar Fence Direct breaking into the Wichita market will be a gamechanger for local contractors to extend their reach of clients and allow for a more versatile project portfolio. 

Cedar Fence Direct has been gaining traction in recent years. Their success in supplying wholesale materials directly from mills to contractors in the greater Wichita area may be one of the greatest feats yet for local businesses to thrive upon. Providing access to some of the most sought-after products on the market will open doors for Wichita contractors to increase revenue and their clientele base. The extensive range of material and delivery options that Cedar Fence Direct provides make any project seamless and manageable. 

Wichita’s versatile environment makes it tricky to find suitable fencing for harsh climatic conditions at an inexpensive rate. Cedar Fence Direct offers some of the best variety of fencing materials and will work with contractors completing specific projects to meet their goals in a timely fashion. Supplying wholesale fencing materials to the folks of Wichita will boost local business and give contractors a newfound leg up on the competition. In addition to Wichita, Cedar Fence Direct will also be serving the areas of Amarillo, Oklahoma City, and Kansas City to further provide quality wholesale materials at a price customers can count on.